How to Get a Job – Being a Recruiter (HR Trainee) and a Job Seeker

Nga Nikolla Tore. “Happiness??? Not……before you get confident”.

While being a job seeker it is possible for everyone feeling disappointed oh his/her continuous efforts to find the right job position. Sometimes the job requirments are not well defined and during the face-to-face interview we realize that it is not what we are looking for, and other times we think we have found that lovely position, but we are not the best candidate to get it.

Last summer (2014) i used to work for Adecco HR in Greece as a HR Trainee. During that internship I was responsible, inter alia, for taking interviewees of possible candidates for different positions within a company on different sectors such as: consulting, Telecommunications, Finance, Production, Marketing, Energy,Computing, etc.. As all we know, the first contact that a recruiter has with a candidate is the resume and any cover letter. I have seen a lot of very well structured and prepared resumes behind a bad candidate, and I also have seen a few bad (maybe really bad) resumes behind a very nice candidate for a particular position within a company, so, we had to regonize in advance who is good enough for taking the chance of an interview and sometimes it means that we had to take the risk (wasting or not our time).

That is how I learned what a recruiter want to see at someone during the interview (will mention it below), but I had to be a job seeker to learn how to recognize a serious offer from a serious company by a job post/description.

After the internship during my Bachelor studies on the field of Business Administration I had to look for a job in order to save money for my Master studies abroad. During this period of time I have been a victim of bad job descriptions/profile, and I also have been a rejecter of few job offers. It was a great experience learning what’s the key characteristic that every every every recruiter want to see in the face of each candidate. It is called CONFIDENCE. You have to be confident to get a job. You have to stop being in the role of a “loser”, and start think positive instead.

I know that being a job seeker for a while makes you think negative; it makes you think always that you have not the right profile for a job position, but tell me…if you believe that you are not good enough for a particular job position, why the recruiter should do it? You have to believe in something if you want to achieve it!

You know…”Confidence is a must, before you meet happiness”.

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  1. Buenas

    Esta genial tu articulo y hay cuantiosas cosas que no conocía que me has
    enseñado, esta espectacular.. te quería agradecer el espacio que
    dedicaste, con unas infinitas gracias, por aconsejar a personas como yo


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